Baptism For Children

the-baptism-of-christRequirements for Baptism


  1. Introduce yourself to the Father Gerard at one of the Sunday Masses.

  2. Father Gerard will give you our Baptism Package.

  3. Complete the forms in the package, attach the Baptismal Certificates required and return all documents to the Parish Office in person.

  4. Canon 874 clarifies who qualifies as a Catholic godparent.  In addition to being a fully initiated Catholic (has received Baptism, Confirmation and Communion), the person regularly attends Mass and receives the sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation. The person, if married, must be in a valid Catholic marriage, that is, the marriage was officiated by a Catholic priest or deacon in a Catholic Church.  A person in an invalid marriage (Justice of the Peace or common law), however fine a person, does not qualify to be a Catholic godparent.


To assure that parents have a full understanding of what it means to have their child Baptized into the Catholic Faith they will be asked to attend one preparation session.  The sessions are held on the second Thursday of the month.  Please contact the office if you plan to attend.
 If you have any questions, contact the office at

Baptism For Adults

The RCIA is a communal process and involves a number of stages punctuated by liturgical rites to aid and assist the potential convert toward the final rite, usually at the Easter Vigil, at which time they will become full members of the Roman Catholic Church. The entire process takes several months, (ideally a minimum of one complete liturgical year), but participants are generally invited to proceed at a pace which suits them individually. The Church prefers to call this the process and not a program.
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