The word “minister” means to serve or to give. In the context of the Christian community “ministry” means to give generously for love of God. Ministry is one way we proclaim the Living Word of God. Our actions and behaviours tell others they are truly loved. In experiencing this love people know that Jesus is present among us, and that He loves them deeply and personally.

St. Leonard’s is blessed with a community of Christians who carry out the work of the Lord through their Ministries and action groups. In a parish community everyone is called out to share their God given gifts and talents with one another through Liturgy, Sacramental Life, Spiritual Growth and Community Service.
St. Leonard’s welcomes you to participate in any of its Ministries and Service Organizations. To find out how you can answer the Lord’s call, please contact our parish office or one of the individual Ministries. We hope that through these ministries St. Leonard’s may become a vibrant part of your Journey to Live Your Faith’
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A job versus a ministry

Someone has said there is a huge difference between having a job at church and having a ministry at church.

… If you are doing it because no one else will, it’s a job. If you are doing it to serve the Lord, it’s a ministry.
… If you’re doing it just well enough to get by, it’s a job. If you’re doing it to the best of your ability, it’s a ministry.
… If you’ll do it only so long as it doesn’t interfere with other activities, it’s a job.

If you’re committed to staying with it even when it means letting go of other things, it’s a ministry.

… It’s hard to get excited about a job. It’s almost impossible not to get excited about a ministry.
An average church is filled with people doing jobs. A great church is filled with people involved in ministry.


Ministry Descriptions


Ministry Team Leaders


Ministry Representative Email
Adult Faith Formation Judy Wood
Altar Linens Colleen Grum
Altar Servers Daniel Giguere
Amor Dei Roxy McCarthy
Children’s Liturgy Elena & Nadia Wilson
Children’s Mass Marc Paradis
Communications Team Barry Gauthier
Confirmation Preparation Geils Kaluza
Cursillo Movement Marc & Susan Lamarre
CWL – Catholic Womens League Carol Dailey
Development and Peace Carroll Woods
Finance Council Andre Lefebvre, Chair
First Communion Preparation Team Elizabeth Murphy
Knights of Columbus Jim Kile
Ladies Auxiliary – Funeral and Hospitality Ann O’Neill
Liturgical Environment Claudia Ressler
Maintenance  Vince Thompson
Marriage Preparation John & Janice Villeneuve
Mary in the Morning Don & Daisy Langdon
Mass Ministries (1) Scott Wilson (Ministry Scheduling)
Mass Ministries (2) Jonas Abromaitis (Lectors)
Mass Ministries (3) Barry Gauthier (Other)
Music Ministry (1) Bob Russell (Sat 5 pm)
Music Ministry (2) Colleen Campbell ( 11 am)
Music Ministry (3) Marc Lamarre (9:00 am)
Mulit Faith Housing Initiative Stephane McNicholl
Pastoral Care Marc Wood
Pastoral Council Charles Slade
RCIA and Adult Faith Formation Barry Gauthier
Seniors Homes Pastoral Visitation Roxy McCarthy
Youth Ministry Colleen Menton