Ministry Contacts

Ministry Representative                                 Phone
Pastoral Counciil Charles Slade  692-1936 
Finance Council Michel Doucet  692-6128
Amor Dei Roxy McCarthy  692-3678
Altar Servers Daniel Giguere   736-7889
CWL – Catholic Women’s League  Suzie Noaro   491-0298
Children’s Liturgy    
Marriage Preparation Paul and Clare Grant 620-3643
Development & Peace Carroll Woods 489-0852
Liturgical Environment
Ogo Nwobu Nnebe
Knights of Columbus Jim Kile 612-3561
Ladies Auxiliary (Funeral & Hospitality) Ann O’Neill 491-1751
Mary in the Morning (Sat. 7:30am) Don & Daisy Langdon 822-3251
Mass Ministry Scheduling Scott Wilson 692-1187
Music Ministry Bob Russell (Sat 5 pm) 692-3233
Music Ministry   Everard de Souza ( 9 am)  692-5080
Pastoral Care
Barry Gauthier
Andrew and Eillen Brown
Safe Environment Program Program Vince Thomson  425-2713
R.C.I.A.  Barry Gauthier 692-0620
Seniors Homes Roxy McCarthy 692-3678
Social Action    
Youth Ministry Colleen Menton 692-1839