2017 Financial Update


We have just completed our 2017 parish financial statements and we are pleased to report that we show a surplus of $13,294. (see 2017 financial statements below)We were able to achieve these positive results primarily through an increase in weekly offerings that exceeded 2016 by $17,466. We are extremely grateful for the financial contribution you make to the parish and for the love and support you give us in being more welcoming and caring for each other.


There are several significant projects that are under review at the moment that will require increased funding. The most expensive of these is the possibility of converting our electric heat to natural gas. Secondly, we are looking at options to make our church basement more attractive and appealing which would enhance the overall experience of our downstairs gatherings. Very little has been done in this regard for a very long time. With your continued financial support, these projects and others may very well be within reach.


We would also like to highlight that the number of people using the pre-authorized monthly banking option has grown to 83. We started 2017 with 59 people using this option so we’re making progress towards our ultimate goal of 100. If you are not part of this group, we continue to encourage you to consider joining. The pre-authorized option ensures financial viability throughout the entire year, especially in those summer months when church attendance typically declines but expenses continue. Here is a link to the authorization form which can be dropped off at the church office.







Year Ended December 2017
















 Offerings ( Collections)






 Other ( Note 1)












 Salaries/ liturgical assistance












 Heat & Electricity






 Water, Insurance & Taxes






 Maintenance & Repairs






 Office & General






 Admin Taxes






 Miscellaneous/ Other






Total Expenses






NET SURPLUS ( Deficit)









Sunday Offering Envelopes and Formally Registering in our Parish

If you are new to the parish, please pick up a box of our Sunday Offering Envelopes found on the small table at the entrance of the church.  Please fill out the initial envelope (the registration envelope) with your name, address and telephone number and drop it into the collection basket.  The registration envelope allows the parish to know how many families live in the parish and allows parish staff to contact families when necessary.  It also allows the church to provide a yearly tax receipt.  Registration means that we want to gather each Sunday with our brothers and sisters in Christ to worship God and that we want and intend to support the ministries in our parish.  Registration is a concrete sign that the family is involved in the life and work of the parish.


Pre-Authorized Payment

For many years now we have had a bank pre-authorized payment system.  This service allows you to donate your parish support contribution by way of a monthly pre-authorized bank debit from your chequing account. 

Benefits for the Contributor

  • Regular withdrawals help you budget for your household expenses
  • No more envelopes, cash or cheques to remember every Sunday
  • Completely confidential
  • Flexible – adjust your offering amount or cancel any time

Benefits for the Church

  • St. Leonard’s receives a regular, dependable flow of contributions – helping us budget
  • Periods of lower attendance don’t result in lower donations
  • Electronic payment programs reduce paperwork
  • Administrative costs are reduced

Click Here

   to sign-up.

Credit Card or PayPal

If you wish to donate to the Parish by Credit Card or PayPal you may do so through the CanadaHelps.org website.


United Way Donations

Your United Way donations can be directed to the support of St. Leonard Parish. For donations through the United Way Campaign the Charity Registration Number is 12896‑7353‑RR‑0054

Wills And Bequests

Please call or e-mail the parish office and we can assist you with your charitable gift.

Parish Secretary 613-692-4254 or office@stleonardsparish.ca